Founded on experience...

Avant founder and managing director Sally Graham started her first care business in 1996, having grown up in and around the industry. She quickly built up a highly successful operation across multiple areas, supporting people in local communities around London.


Sally sold her business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies in 2010 in order to found Avant. Using her years of experience in the industry, Sally's mission was simple and clear: to provide quality, sustainable care services to those in need, working closely with specialists to help as many people as possible.

Sally was joined in her new venture by Deepa Dungar, Avant's operations director, who has worked with Sally for more than 10 years and played a major part in the success of the previous business.

Highly experienced senior care professional Mike Horgan joined the management team as a non-executive director, and from there Avant has grown into new areas of the UK - while never losing focus on the quality of care provided to our customers.

With decades of experience between them, the leadership team have overseen strong growth for Avant, which is now supporting people across London and into other areas of the UK under their guidance.

You can find out more about the senior team below.

...led by values

We have five core values, which guide everything we do and the care we provide:​

  • Aspirational = to give outstanding quality of care to every single person

  • Virtue = to have moral excellence

  • Accountability = to be responsible and learn from our mistakes

  • Nurturing = to be always caring and compassionate

  • Trustworthy = to be totally open and honest

The leadership team

Sally Graham, Managing Director

Sally started her first business in 1996 and built up a highly successful multi-site operation covering nine territories. She sold her business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies in 2010 to begin work on her new venture, Avant.

Sally leads from the front and in more than 20 years in the care sector, there's little she hasn't seen... and yet she has just as much pride and passion now for making a difference in someone's life as she did when she first started out.

Her unwavering focus on providing each individual/family with care that matches their own unique needs is the foundation on which Avant was built, and it's a culture shared throughout our teams.

Deepa Dungar, Operations Director
Deepa has been a cornerstone of Avant's success. She has many years’ experience in adult social care, including more than eight years in training management, quality assurance and human resources management.


Using her management background in social care, she helps to guide the company through change as it grows, ensuring we continue to provide an excellent service.

Deepa has worked with Sally for over 10 years and the pair have developed an exceptional understanding of each other's strengths. That ensures that all team members feel supported and engaged in providing outstanding care.

Mike Horgan, Non-Executive Director
Mike is one of the most experienced care professionals in the UK. Over the last 28+ years, he has been responsible for the growth and development of several health, social care and service industry businesses with both franchised and company-owned national networks.

As a PLC board director, he headed up a £320-million operation in health and social care, which included the market leader in franchised domiciliary care services at the time. Not surprisingly, Mike has built up an enviable track record in growing service industry operations, as well as in-depth experience in business acquisitions. 

He is also a qualified business coach.