Avant marks World Alzheimer's Day

September is World Alzheimer's Month, culminating on September 21st for World Alzheimer's Day. All throughout the month, Avant Homecare have been sharing stories of our customers who are living with dementia, fighting stigma and demonstrating that you can still enjoy your life and do things you enjoy.

We asked some of our team on how dementia has affected the customers they care for and how they will be standing up against the stigma of dementia. Ealing branch manager Karen Hampshire explains how she personalises the care she gives for those who have dementia in the video below:

Living with Alzheimer's doesn't mean constant suffering, it can mean enjoying yourself dancing to your favourite music like our customer here:

The power of music for those living with dementia has been well-documented, bringing back good memories of the past and their youth.

Our customer pictured below lives with dementia and recently enjoyed his first trip out since the beginning of lockdown. Getting dressed up in his best outfit, he had a great time going out with his regular carer.

If you're wondering how you can help fight the stigma of dementia, Alzheimer's Society has some advice on their website, including links on how you can become a Dementia Friend.

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