Acquired brain injury

The effects of a brain injury can be wide ranging, and depend on a number of factors such as the type, location and severity of injury.


Every person’s injury is unique, so they will experience different symptoms, which can range from mild to severe. Care must therefore be tailored to the individual, and be delivered and managed by qualified and experienced personnel.


We work with charities such as Headway – the brain injury association – in order to continually develop the skills and experience of our care and support staff in this highly specialist field.


Care begins with an initial meeting, including family where possible, where we will discuss the person’s needs, background, history, culture and medical condition so that we can match the right care and support worker to them.

“I am very happy with my care worker. She provides an excellent service. I feel really comfortable with her and she is always in a good mood which makes me feel really nice.”

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My father’s Care & Support Worker is very caring and because of her support and positive attitude towards him, he is able to remain living at his home address. The Care & Support Worker liaises with my family and if at all unsure discusses with them. They keep my father happy reminding him of his meds and making him lunch and drinks.

Mr A