Alzheimer's care

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s used to almost certainly mean going into residential care, but thanks to specialist skills and training that’s no longer the case. People with Alzheimer’s can live very comfortably at home when they have the right support, with carers who understand the condition intimately.


People can still enjoy a good quality of life after diagnosis and our teams support both the person and the family around them. That means reassurance, retaining self-value, and a service that revolves around flexibility: we can visit daily and manage all aspects of care, or simply come in once a week to give loved ones a break from caring. We can even accompany you on holiday.


We tailor each care package to each customer, because people’s needs are different, and we only use care and support workers with relevant training and experience in this specialist area.

“I have nothing but admiration for the quality of care and support that both my father and myself have had from his carers, especially the last few months. When everything else was uncertain we could depend on the professionalism of the carers. Thank you so much Avant.”

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My father’s Care & Support Worker is very caring and because of her support and positive attitude towards him, he is able to remain living at his home address. The Care & Support Worker liaises with my family and if at all unsure discusses with them. They keep my father happy reminding him of his meds and making him lunch and drinks.

Mr A