Mental health

People with mental health problems often find dealing with change or the unexpected difficult – which is why any care must be sensitive to each individual’s needs.

Changes to a routine – such as a new home help or a change in an everyday activity, such as food shopping or help around the house – can be hard to deal with. We are fully trained and experienced in supporting people dealing with mental health issues, and focus on providing positive outcomes.

Services we provide include everything from giving emotional support through to providing extensive practical support to enable someone to live their life more comfortably.

We invest time training our care and support workers in caring and supporting individuals and families coping with people with mental health conditions. We are a member of MIND which helps us further developing our training and experience.

“I would like to say how lovely my care is. She takes her time with me, shows me respect, doesn’t rush me and has a lovely pleasant manner.”

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My father’s Care & Support Worker is very caring and because of her support and positive attitude towards him, he is able to remain living at his home address. The Care & Support Worker liaises with my family and if at all unsure discusses with them. They keep my father happy reminding him of his meds and making him lunch and drinks.

Mr A